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The SIMAR company of Switzerland is no longer in business.  There were a lot of these units sold in the USA but all records we destroyed in the mid '90s.  I am reconstucting the following  from information that I have been able to gather together.  Any corrections or additions will be appreciated.  Please Email them to me.

This is the list of models that I have record of at this time.  Click on any highlighted model and you will go to another page with more information on that model.  As I get pictures and specifications of each model onto the web  that model listing will become a link to that information.

8A    10A    20A    20B    20C    21C    24A    24B    25A    25B    30B    35    35A    35C    40A    40B   40C  40D    46A    46B    46C    46DK    46DDHZ    54A    55A    56A    56B    57A    58A    60A    61A    66A    66B    66C    66DDS    70    A4    B20    B21    C2    C2J    C31    C4    C5    C5-2    C7    C8    C80    C81    K5    K6    M10    THE CLYDESDALE    THE HACKNEY     THE MORGAN
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